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Fertilizers designed to maximize growth and improve crops.

V6 Ag provides bulk and intermodal supply of specialty and conventional crop nutrients to companies and growers across Canada. This includes Canada’s top starter, ELEVEN Superstart™. We operate distribution warehouses at Wilcox, SK and North Augusta, ON and rail yards in both eastern Ontario and SE Saskatchewan.

2024 Eleven Superstart Logo

Eleven Superstart is our flagship granular compound fertilizer designed for seed-placed/in furrow application. Eleven Superstart provides 11 key plant nutrients in one low-salt, high-density granule. The Power of One™.

NEW for the 2024 growing season. This exciting new, next generation compound fertilizer will target leguminous crops including soybeans, lentils, chickpeas and alfalfa, with seven nutrients in a perfect ratio – in every granule. Mineral and biological additives will do more than act as filler, they will improve soil health.

NEW for 2024/25.
Designed specifically to maximize plant health and yield for pulse crops.
More information available soon!

Commercial Fertilizers

V6 Agronomy is a provider of granular triple superphosphate (0-46-0-15S) by rail to Rouleau, SK or customer rail sidings for transload.

Additional bulk fertilizer offerings:
Granular urea (46-0-0)
Monoammonium phosphate (11-52-0)
Muriate of Potash (0-0-60)
Sulphate of Potash (0-0-50-18S)
Ammonium Sulphate (21-0-0-24S)
UAN (32-0-0) liquid

Other products available upon request.

Soil Amendments and Blending Products

V6 supplies a variety of sustainably derived soil amendments for organic and conventional growers across North America. These include pulverized metabasalt which is used for soil remineralization, carbon capture and N2O emissions reductions as well as pH amendments. Other products include MineraLift, Black Lime (™)and phosphate rock.

Enhanced Rock Weathering for farmers and their soil.

Better crops, carbon captured.

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