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ELEVEN Superstart™ is our flagship granular compound fertilizer designed for in-furrow application.

Pack-in the nutrients and avoid the salt with Canada’s top starter compound! ELEVEN Superstart™ provides a walloping 11 nutrients in every granule, alongside a very low salt index of 17.5 and very high water solubility. Compared to traditional MAP fertilizers, ELEVEN Superstart™ is a seed-safe starter that provides even nutrient uptake and absorption at root, faster emergence, and improved growth rates.

While first formulated for canola, ELEVEN Superstart™ is also well-suited for legumes, cereals, and other crops. Recommended application rates range from 30-50 lbs./acre for pulses, 50-70 lbs./acre for cereals, and 50-80 lbs./acre for canola and is seed safe up to 150 lbs./acre in normal growing conditions to pack a phosphorus punch.

ELEVEN Superstart™ provides 11 key plant nutrients in one low-salt, high-density, and highly water soluble granule. This compound fertilizer is designed to give your crops the best start while contributing to soil health.

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